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Electronic Circuit

RF & Microwave Design Services

AE offers services for custom RF modules and integrated microwave assemblies. Leverage a strong background in RF and microwave module design, assembly and testing.

AE has the experience and capabilities to meet most custom RF and microwave assembly requirements from final test and traceability to environmental testing and qualification


RTS is a company providing RF, microwave, analogue and electronic product design services

  • Radio frequency (RF), microwave, analogue and electronic circuit design

  • Radio transceiver architecture design (everything from ADC/DAC to antenna)

  • RF systems design (systems analysis, modelling, simulation)

  • Prototypes (schematics, PCB layout, assembly, test)


We design, develop and test high-performance modules, subsystems and instrumentation for radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave applications covering the frequency range of DC to 110 GHz.


We offer

      – RF Systems Engineering & Design
      – RF Subsystems & Module Design

We provide solutions for

  • Amplifiers (LNA, PA, Driver, Wideband, VGA, AGC, Limiting)

  • Attenuators

  • Clocks

  • Comparators

  • Data Converters

  • Filters (Discrete, Distributed, Cavity)

  • Frequency Divider

  • Frequency Multiplexer

  • High-Speed Digital Logic

  • Mixers

  • Modulator / Demodulator

  • Oscillator

  • Phase shifter

  • PLL

  • Power Detectors

  • Signal Generators

  • Switches

  • Transceiver

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